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Hong Kong remains to be the favorite travel destination for Filipino Travelers. Hong Kong offers you pleasurable shopping environment which brings together all the famous brands in the world. Hong Kong is a perfect Family Bonding Travel Experience where there are many options and destinations to choose from.

But why settle for less when you can travel to two exciting destinations for the price of one.  Not only will you get to see the sights in Hong Kong; but now, you have the option to explore other parts of China.  You can choose between Hong Kong and Macau tour, or Hong Kong and Shenzhen tour.

In the Hong Kong and Macau tour package, you can visit the Macau Tower where you can see Bungee Jumpers plummeting to the earth from 233 m/764 ft above the ground and bouncing back up again – it is a must try for the die-hard thrill-seekers.  If you do not want to experience cardiac arrest with these attractions, you can stay inside the tower and look at the pretty awesome view.  After the whole day moving about, your Macau trip will end at the Venetian Resort where you can enjoy the slot machines.

In another of our Hong Kong tour packages, you have the option to enter a part of China through Shenzhen where you’d get a glimpse of the Windows of the World where the well-known attractions are scaled down to size for your camera’s pleasure.  You will also visit Luohu where you can get pasalubong at cheap prices, like tea and traditional Chinese clothes. 

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Our Hong Kong deals may also include a trip to two world-renowned theme parks.  Hong Kong Disneyland have many child-friendly rides to choose from where you and the little ones can experience the Walt Disney magic; not to mention that meet Mickey and friends, the princesses and their friends, and all the guys from Pixar.  The other one is the Hong Kong Ocean Park.  Besides the numerous aquatic, terrestrial and even avian animals; Hong Kong Ocean Park includes exciting rides. Find the cheapest Hong Kong Tour Packages at Travel Mall.

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