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Japan is one of the most beautiful places you can go to.  Japan successfully combines cultural traditions with technological advancement to have the economic giant we have today.  A few hours off Tokyo, you’d get to visit Japan’s highest and most famous mountain, Mt. Fuji.  You’d also get to cruise along Lake Ashinoko on the way to the Owakudani Ropeway.  While in Tokyo you’d get to visit one of the oldest temples in Japan, the Asakusa Kannon Temple (Senso-ji).  Japan also holds the record for the world’s second tallest structure and the tallest tower in the world with the Tokyo Skytree.  There’s also the pride of Japan; the cherry blossoms.  Everyone, from locals to tourists, goes on pilgrimages to eat picnics under the trees during the few days that they bloom.  There are more than 1000 cherry blossom trees in Ueno Park in Tokyo while there are more than 600 in Osaka Castle’s garden, to the southeast.  If plan to start your Japan tour from Osaka, you can drop by to admire the Kinkakuji temple with top two floors of this Zen temple are covered in gold leaf.  You can then go to Nara’s Todaiji Temple to see the world’s largest wooden building which houses one of the largest bronze Buddha statues in Japan. You can also enjoy feeding free-roaming deer at the Deer Park.

While in Japan, you should not miss going to at least one of the theme parks – Tokyo Disneyland, DisneySea, or Universal Studios Japan (USJ).  Disney have many child-friendly rides to choose from where you and the little ones can experience the Walt Disney magic; not to mention that meet Mickey and friends, the princesses and their friends, and all the guys from Pixar.  USJ has more extreme rides to offer, not to mention Universal Studios Japan has Harry Potter; the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts, Argus Filch selling stuff. So many things to see and so many rides to enjoy again and again, one day is not enough to fully enjoy.

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5 Days Holyweek in Osaka 2020 -9%

5 Days Holyweek in Osaka 2020

ITINERARY:  April 7-11 2020DAY 01 Manila/Osaka (D)Assemble at NAIA International Airport Termin..

₱98,000.00 ₱89,500.00

5 Days Holyweek in Tokyo 2020 -9%

5 Days Holyweek in Tokyo 2020

TOUR CODE: TYO-5D-07APR-5JDEPARTURE DATE: April 07-11DAY 01 Manila – Narita – Tokyo (L/D)  ..

₱98,000.00 ₱89,500.00

6 Days Holyweek in Tokyo 2020 -12%

6 Days Holyweek in Tokyo 2020

DEPARTURE DATE: April 06-11DAY 01 Manila – Narita – Tokyo (L/D)    Assemble at NAIA I..

₱120,000.00 ₱106,000.00